Big winners of Uber, Lyft IPOs won’t be the usual suspects

The filings submitted by Uber and Lyft aren’t yet public, but people familiar with each business outlined the largest shareholders.

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Amit Shah to chair meeting on defeat in assembly elections

[India], Dec 13 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah will chair a meeting at party headquarters in Delhi on Thursday to discuss the defeat in recently held assembly elections in five states and to plan the agenda for the 2019 General Elections.

The state presidents and in-charges of BJP will be present in the meeting which will start at 2 pm and is likely to continue for seven hours.

Congress registered a resounding victory over the BJP in Chhattisgarh and with the help of independent candidates, garnered the numbers to form the government in Rajasthan after having prevailed in 99 out of the 200 assembly seats.

Following a nerve-wracking finish in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress emerged as the single largest party with 114 elected candidates as opposed to their rival’s 109 and roped in seven legislators from BSP (2), SP (1) and independent candidates (4), to cross the halfway mark.

In Telangana, however, K Chandrashekar Rao’s Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has left behind the Congress-Chandrababu Naidu-led Telugu Desam Party (TDP) alliance. In Mizoram, the regional dominant party Mizo National Front (MNF) has made the Congress lick the dust. In a House of 40 members, MNF won 26 seats, Congress five and BJP one. (ANI)


Uber CEO and Alphabet invest in urban farming startup

Bowery is part of a new crop of agriculture technology startups growing leafy greens in controlled environments near cities.

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Huawei row: Second Canadian man feared detained

A second Canadian man is feared detained in China in what appears to be retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer.

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Brazil ‘miracle’ healer faces arrest in sex probe

A self-proclaimed faith healer is being investigated by police after more than 200 women have accused him of sexual abuse.

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Why the cost of a Modi win in 2019 may be too high for India

by Mihir SharmaMany of us have long argued that, whatever its problems, India is one of the best long-term bets in the world for one simple reason: It has the sort of world-class institutions that can help build and sustain a genuine market economy. Sadly, many of those same institutions are being undermined by the country’s own leaders — most recently the Reserve Bank of India, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi appear intent on subjugating as part of his bid for reelection. Of all people, Modi should recognize that no election victory is worth giving up on India’s best chance at becoming a world-beating economy.For Indians who share that ambition, it’s been a sobering week. Late on Monday night, news broke that central bank governor Urjit Patel had quit. The news was particularly shocking because it followed a lengthy campaign by the government to bend India’s independent central bank to its will. The Finance Ministry had demanded a series of concessions from the governor – that the RBI stop forcing state-controlled banks to crack down on some big delinquent borrowers, for example. It believed that the central bank was also being too sparing with liquidity: Recent GDP numbers suggest a slowdown in demand, partly caused by a seize-up in India’s shadow banking sector. These “non-banking financial companies,” to use the official Indian term, are crucial lenders to infrastructure and to the small- and medium-sized enterprises Modi hopes will create jobs for his voters.And, most controversially, the cash-strapped government — facing a tighter-than-expected reelection campaign — wanted to get its hands on the billions of dollars of reserves that the RBI is holding. Modi’s recently-departed chief economic adviser has said this would amount to “raiding” the RBI, and one of Patel’s deputies gave a public speech warning the government against it. But officials don’t seem to have been deterred. Patel appears to have been losing this battle and presumably quit rather than preside over the disappearance of RBI independence.A leader who wished to preserve the integrity of the central bank would have appointed an independent-minded replacement for Patel, even if one whose views were closer to the government’s. But Modi’s choice was instead an ex-bureaucrat named Shaktikanta Das. Das served as India’s chief economic official right through the currency withdrawal and the botched roll-out of a new indirect tax regime and was a consistent advocate for the government’s claim that Patel and company were keeping interest rates too high.Das doesn’t have the distinguished academic history of Rajan or even of Patel, who earned a doctorate from Yale and is a distinguished fellow at Brookings. True, bureaucrats have served as RBI governor before and many have grown into the role. In this case, however, there seems little doubt that the quality that Das has been chosen for is his ability to follow orders.Modi’s choice is doubly damaging because he looks even more desperate for a compliant RBI today than he was last week, following deep losses in state elections. Many in Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party believe that they are losing farmers and unemployed young people, crucial parts of the coalition that carried Modi to victory in 2014. Modi’s strategists will want to turn on the populist spending tap in response. With Patel watchfully guarding monetary policy and the RBI’s reserves, it would have been tough to find the resources for an election-winning spending push.Das has vowed to “uphold the autonomy, the integrity and credibility” of the central bank. But, at least for the months leading up to parliamentary elections early next year, the government will expect that he’ll take dictation from New Delhi. Doing so would cause lasting harm to India and greatly reduce its potential future prosperity.It’s the sort of institutional regression that we haven’t seen for decades. No RBI governor has had to quit in the two-and-a-half decades since India began to liberalize its economy; the history of India’s central bank has been one of ever-increasing autonomy. This is particularly important given that India’s a noisy democracy, with a half-dozen elections a year and politicians who want to win each of them. The RBI’s long-term view and evidence-based policymaking provided a crucial counterweight.That was the sort of governance that many hoped Modi himself would provide when he won a landslide in 2014. Such political capital, they argued, would allow him to keep his eye on what really mattered instead of worrying about day-to-day survival in power. And perhaps that was true at first: The Modi government itself seemed to cap the RBI’s progression to true independence early in its term when it legislated an official inflation target for the bank, freeing it further from New Delhi’s control. In partnership with someone like Rajan, Modi could have provided the kind of sober and effective economic management that would have shifted India permanently to a high-growth trajectory.Now, Modi’s India looks like a lot more like any other emerging economy, with a tame central bank and a profligate government that wants to ignore the laws of economics. Modi won once by promising world-class governance. Why does he think voters will reelect him for anything less? (Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of

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Sanjiv Goenka, Haldiram, MTR show interest in Maiyas

Bengaluru: Sanjiv Goenka’s Guiltfree Industries, Haldiram’s Kamal Agrawal and MTR Foods are among the six contenders who have submitted bids to resurrect beleaguered Maiyas Beverages And Foods, the venture of pioneering food entrepreneur Sadananda Maiya. The interest of MTR to resurrect Maiyas is a cruel twist of fate considering it was a brand that was owned by the latter and sold off to Norwegian food company Orkla in 2007.The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) had asked for bids from potential investors for Maiyas Beverages after the company was referred to the tribunal earlier this year following its inability to raise enough funds to continue operations. The Maiya family owns 40% in the namesake company, with the rest held equally between private equity firms Peepul Capital and Ascent Capital.The other three contenders to put their hat in the ring are Peepul Capital, Sadananda Maiya in his personal capacity and Akashika Foods, a consortium of Maiyas’ vendors. All the six applicants have submitted their interest to Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) and will need to submit a revival plan in January. NCLT had suspended the powers of the board and had appointed an IRP whose responsibility it was to manage the company.The clash between the PE firms and Maiya began last year when the founder refused to bring in follow-on capital as part of a proposed road map. Peepul and Ascent had invested about Rs 280 crore till date with Maiya pumping in another Rs 50-70 crore. There have been differences between the Maiya family and the PE firms on how to take the business forward.Goenka’s Guiltfree, which started last year, is into packaged snacking business while Agrawal is the executive director of Haldiram Foods International and the fourth-generation member of the founding family. Haldiram last year topped PepsiCo to become the largest snacking company in India.Maiyas’ products include snacks, sweets, instant mixes, spices, ready-to-eat foods and frozen foods. Its factory in Bengaluru halted production in April. Its products are out of stock across most retailers. The six-year-old company had around 350 people in its factory alone.Deepak Mittal, investment director in Peepul Capital, said, “Multiple players in the fray only goes to show that this is a validation of our belief that the business still has a lot of value.” Calls made to Sudarshan Maiya, Sadananda Maiya’s son who has been playing a major role in the business, did not elicit a response.The tribunal had invited bids from three categories of investors – private/public limited company with a net worth of Rs 200 crore; PE funds/institutional investors with Rs 200 crore or more of assets under management; individual investors or consortium of HNIs with a net worth of Rs 125 crore.

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5-6 mths before 2019 polls a dream time to buy: Devang Mehta

Automobile, consumption and a bit of capex recovery cycle should be part would be the portfolio construct in a 67060998



major way, Devang Mehta, Head, Equity Advisory, Centrum Broking, tells ET Now.Edited excerpts: How would you look at the market set up? One thing is extremely clear. The market hates uncertainty and that is what we are seeing in the proceedings in the last couple of days. In fact, there was a lot of rhetoric through last week that if the current government loses the elections, there would be bloodbath on the street and a lot of correction. But the market hates uncertainty and though the elections were not in favour of the ruling party, the market took it in a positive way, The second thing that happened was the erstwhile RBI governor resigned and within 48 hours, the new governor was in place. That also reduced a lot of uncertainty and volatility in the minds of investors. Meanwhile, the data points that came in were also positive. Inflation continued on its cooling down trajectory. Industrial production also shot up. Capacity utilisations index which is tracked by RBI has also been seeing a bit of green shoot in the last couple of months. All these clearly indicate that a recovery is happening on the earnings side. Also, on the macro side, crude cooling down by 27-28% from its October highs. We seem to be in for a good time, at least on the back of a lot of these factors stabilising. There is no major Indian event at least for next three-four months. Yesterday saw a fair amount of interest in Hero MotoCorp. Would the rural based themes get a leg up? I think so. We are in an extremely sweet situation at this point and that is because of a couple of things; one, there was a conspiracy theory of rural slowdown in the past couple of quarters with auto sales trending downwards. A commentary of a lot of these companies showed that with crude prices on the rise I think there was also a problem with the input cost pressure. But that seems to be waning now. Also, there is a good indication that the government spending would start being as 2019 is an election year. Rural-faced consumer companies would tend to benefit. At least the government capex seems to be rolling and that was indicated in the last quarter’s numbers of a lot of capital goods and infra companies. If consumption, especially the rural consumption comes in, it will be an icing on the cake. Apart from L&T, any other name in capital goods sector that is attracting your attention?L&T is the bellwether and the company delivered good set of numbers with executions picking up and margins in a lot of segment going up. But there can be certain alpha ideas like Cummins India, which also came up with a great set of numbers and which is also a beneficiary of capex coming back. Certain transformer companies also would benefit from this. One business which we have in a lot of our portfolios, is Honeywell Automation which is in the automation space and security systems. As a lot of smart cities are being developed, this can be an ancillary story to capital goods because there are not many candidates in the space which could be backed with a lot of conviction. These ideas probably fit the bill in a lot of portfolio in the coming days. With the market heading towards 10,800, most of the selling has abated. Would you advise buying in and what pockets look interesting to you? We continue to have the stance that the five or six months before a general election has always been a dream time to buy. If you take out a very simple average, people easily can make 18-20% type of a return in even largecap businesses in the ensuing six months. So around a one year, one-and-a-half-year period, there is a good probability of 18-20-25% type of returns as well. We are clearly in the nascent stage of a recovery in industrial cycle and that is why one should play companies like L&T or Honeywell Automation in the capital goods space, ancillary space. With spending on the consumption side, a lot these businesses would come into play — FMCG, tractors and auto companies as well. We saw a quarter of slowdown for the auto companies but to me, this is a deferred type of spending which comes and whenever the pent-up demand comes, it would be something huge. Automobile, consumption and a bit of capex recovery cycle should be part would be the portfolio construct in a major way.

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पर्थ हमारी पसंदीदा पिच, दो विदेशी दौरों पर हमारे गेंदबाजों ने 142 झटके : भरत अरुण

पर्थ. हमारे गेंदबाजों ने ऑस्ट्रेलिया के खिलाफ पहले मैच में अच्छा प्रदर्शन किया। इस साल विदेशी दौरों पर सभी गेंदबाजों ने शानदार प्रदर्शन किया है। दक्षिण अफ्रीका में गेंदबाजों ने 60, जबकि इंग्लैंड में 82 विकेट झटके। यह बात भारतीय टीम के गेंदबाजी कोच भरत अरुण ने कही। टीम इंडिया ने ऑस्ट्रेलिया को पहले टेस्ट में 31 रन से हराया था। दूसरा मुकाबला 14 दिसंबर से पर्थ में खेला जाएगा।

  1. भरत अरुण ने कहा, ‘गेंदबाजों ने एडिलेड में हुए पहले टेस्ट में भी 20 विकेट झटके। जसप्रीत बुमराह, मोहम्मद शमी, इशांत शर्मा और भुवनेश्वर कुमार ने अपनी गेंदबाजी में सुधार किया है। वे लगातार अच्छा प्रदर्शन कर रहे हैं।’

  2. उन्होंने कहा कि गेंदबाज जब नेट पर उतरते हैं तो अपने प्लान के अनुसार ही उसे पूरा करते हैं। हमें यह देखना होता है कि वे अपने प्लान को कितने अच्छे से कर पा रहे हैं। यहां मिले फीडबैक से उनमें और सुधार आता है।

  3. पर्थ की नई पिच के बारे में अरुण ने कहा कि हमारे गेंदबाजों को इस तरह की विकेट पर गेंदबाजी करना पसंद है। इस साल विदेशी दौरे पर ओवरऑल खिलाड़ियों के प्रदर्शन की बात की जाए तो हमारे तेज गेंदबाज शीर्ष पर हैं।

  4. भारतीय टीम के गेंदबाजी कोच ने कहा कि शमी 36 विकेट लेकर नंबर-1 पर हैं। बुमराह 34 विकेट के साथ दूसरे और इशांत 29 विकेट के साथ तीसरे नंबर पर हैं। ऑफ स्पिनर रविचंद्रन अश्विन ने भी 24 विकेट झटके हैं।

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      Bharat Arun Says Perth Our Favorite Pitch, Our Bowlers takes 142 wickets on 2 Foreign Tours


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Small banyan sapling that broke through concrete to survive rescued by citizens

(This story originally appeared in PuneMirror on December 13, 2018)

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अभिनेत्री जरीन खानचा अपघात, किरकोळ जखमी  

अभिनेत्री जरीन खानचा अपघात, किरकोळ जखमी  

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UK’s Theresa May survives, weakened and with an exit date

By seeing off a revolt by her own MPs, British Prime Minister Theresa May has once again proved her ability to survive a political crisis – but in

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Defying Trump, US Senate advances measure to end support for Saudis in Yemen

In a rare break with President Donald Trump, t

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Official: 4 dead, 43 injured in high-speed train accident in Turkish capital Ankara

Official: 4 dead, 43 injured in high-speed train accident in Turkish capital Ankara

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Vienna Boys Choir gets Christmas off, and China tests nuclear weapon: headlines from 40 years ago

Faulty Hong Kong-made toy hair dryers being recalled from France, and the Vienna Boys Choir being banned from performing during Christmas because of an archaic labour law, was just some of the news that made headlines 40 years ago.

December 10, 1978
● A 121-year-old man in the southern Thai province of Trang revealed the secret of his long life was daily prayers. Chantr Bunkaew, born in 1857 to a couple of rubber planters, claimed to have a good memory, and to be able to eat three bowls…

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Amnesty says Islamic State group decimated rural Iraq

The Islamic State group’s deliberate destruction of agriculture in northern Iraq has hindered the return of hundreds of thousands of residents, Amnesty International said in a report released Thursday.

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Biographical sketches of 2 Canadians missing in China

Two Canadian citizens have been reported missing in China over recent days amid a dispute with Beijing over the detention of a Chinese business executive wanted in the U.S. on bank fraud charges

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‘Chinese take everything’: fishy business deal in Madagascar, one of the world’s poorest countries

The sun glistens on waves lapping against wooden fishing boats as their sails ripple in the breeze coming off the Indian Ocean.
Nearby a young man with a diving mask bobs below the water’s surface armed with a stick to lure his catch into a net while also trying to snare fish on a nylon line.
In Anakao, a traditional fishing community in southwest Madagascar, the community known as Vezo – which means “rowing strength” – has fished for generations.
But the arrival…

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Scores of migrant girls quietly vanishing from Indonesia

The stranger showed up at the girl’s door one night with a tantalizing job offer: Give up your world, and I will give you a future.

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On Day 1 of Sawai: Sarod, shehnai, tears for Bhimsen Joshi, tribute to Annapurna Devi

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Teens may get licence to ride e-scooters

The maximum motor power of these vehicles will be capped at four kilowatts, which will cover most available brands in the market.

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ये है दुनिया की दुनिया की सबसे छोटी गाय वजन है महज साढ़े 4 किलो

आप अगर सोचें तो छोटी से छोटी गाय को भी कम से कम एक बड़े आकार की बकरी के साइज का तो सोचेंगे ही, जिसका वजन भी 30, 40 किलो से कम नहीं होगा, पर ये आपकी सोच से परे है।

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In Marathon Meet Today, Amit Shah To Discuss BJP’s Election Rout

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah will meet BJP MPs today for the first time after the party suffered its worse state election defeats since taking power at the centre in 2014.

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Gujarat: Jasdan bypoll a prestige issue for BJP & Congress

The seat had recently fallen vacant after the incumbent Congress MLA Kunvarji Bavalia jumped ship to become a cabinet minister in Vijay Rupani-led BJP government in the state.

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Rahul Gandhi To Name Chief Ministers, As Amit Shah Analyses Poll Defeat

Top Congress leaders from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh went into a huddle with Congress president Rahul Gandhi to discuss who will be chief minister for the two states. While Kamal Nath and…

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India’s first cow, happiness ministers lose elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh

Rajasthan created India’s first ministry exclusively for cow protection in 2015 when the BJP won elections and appointed Otaram Dewasi, a policeman turned politician, to be in charge

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Bengaluru’s green cover is on the rise, square foot by square foot

Architects and real estate developers are catering to eco-conscious home buyers by bringing nature inside apartments and row houses

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Integrity Initiative ‘a Cheapjack British Troll Factory’ – Commentator

Not everyone in Britain is enamoured with the government-funded Integrity Initiative (II) psy-op run by the Institute for Statecraft, political commentator David William Norris told Sputnik. According to Norris, this operation is likely to invoke sharp opposition from Britons who are tired of the anti-Russian propaganda in the media.

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पति-पत्नी बने कपिल-गिन्नी, सात फेरों से पहले कपिल बोले- ‘करूं या भाग जाऊं’ तो गिन्नी की छूट गई हंसी, रस्मों के बाद स्टेज पर एक-दूसरे से बात करता दिखा न्यूली मैरिड कपल: Video

मुंबई. कॉमेडियन कपिल शर्मा ने 12 दिसंबर को गर्लफ्रेंड गिन्नी चतरथ से पंजाबी रीति-रिवाज से शादी कर ली है। दोनों की शादी जालंधर से हुई है। कपिल ने शादी में हरे कलर की शेरवानी पहनी और हाथ में तलवार लिए नजर आए। वहीं दुल्हन बनीं गिन्नी ने लाल कलर का लहंगा पहना। शादी के इनसाइड फोटोज और वीडियोज सामने आए हैं। एक वीडियो में सात फेरे के लिए जाने से पहले कपिल कहते हैं- 'अभी भी वक्त है करूं या भाग जाऊं?'। कपिल की ये बात सुनते ही गिन्नी जोर से हंस पड़ती हैं। वहीं शादी की रस्मों के बाद न्यूली मैरिड कपल जब स्टेज पर पहुंचा तो दोनों एक-दूसरे से बात करते भी नजर आए। बता दें कि शादी में कपिल के लगभग सभी दोस्त शामिल हुए लेकिन सुनील ग्रोवर नहीं आए। रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक कपिल खुद सुनील को अपनी शादी का कार्ड देने गए थे लेकिन वो नहीं पहुंचे।

कहां और कब होगा रिसेप्शन
– शादी के बाद कपिल 2 रिसेप्शन देंगे। पहला रिसेप्शन 14 दिसंबर को अमृतसर में होगा, जिसमें परिवार और करीबी रिश्तेदार शामिल होंगे। वहीं दूसरा रिसेप्शन 24 दिसंबर को मुंबई में होगा जहां बॉलीवुड इंडस्ट्री के कई स्टार्स शामिल होंगे।
– बता दें, शादी के लिए कॉमेडियन कृष्णा अभिषेक, सुमोना चक्रवर्ती, भारती सिंह, नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू, गुरदास मान, आरती सिंह, हर्ष लिम्बाचिया, राजीव ठाकुर और सिंगर ऋचा शर्मा ने अटेंड की। साथ ही फेमस सेंड आर्टिस्ट सुदर्शन पटनायक ने कपिल-गिन्नी को अपने अंदाज में शादी की बधाई दी है। सुदर्शन ने सेंड आर्ट बनाकर कपल को शुभकामनाएं दीं।

3 हजार रुपए है एक प्लेट की कीमत
– कपिल और गिन्नी की शादी 12 दिसंबर को सिख रीति रिवाज से शादी से हुई है। शादी में मेहमानों को पंजाबी फूड के अलावा इटैलियन, चाइनीज, और कॉन्टिनेंटल फूड सर्व किया गया।
– शादी में एक प्लेट की कीमत करीब 3 हजार रुपए है। इसके साथ ही यहां ड्रिंक्स (अल्कोहल) का भी इंतजाम किया गया है। शादी में डेकोरेशन और इंटीरियर का खर्च करीब 10 लाख रुपए आया है।
– बता दें, शादी में सिक्योरिटी के लिए करीब 500 पुलिस जवान और 300 बाउंसर्स को तैनात किया गया था।

180 करोड़ के मालिक हैं कपिल
– मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक कपिल शर्मा करीब 180 करोड़ रुपए की संपत्ति के मालिक हैं। वे अपने शो के लिए एक दिन का 75 से 85 लाख रुपए तक चार्ज कर चुके हैं। यदि शो देश के बाहर होता है तब उनकी फीस भी बढ़ जाती है।
– 2016 में उन्होंने ट्वीट किया था कि पिछले 5 साल में उन्होंने 15 करोड़ रुपए टैक्स दिया है। कुछ रिपोट्स में ऐसा कहा गया है कि वे 20 करोड़ रुपए तक का टैक्स भर चुके हैं।

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