Series on Safe withdrawal rates for early retirement

Not sure how many of you have come across this series – a terrific well researched set of articles on safe withdrawal rates in the US. A bit heavy reading but worth it:

The author makes the convincing case that the 4% rule should be dropped to 3.25%-3.5% when the CAPE at the date of retirement is as high as it is now and when the period of retirement is longer than 30 years. u/NamitNasih had shared a piece of research a few weeks ago that argued something similar.

Here's a link that displays the CAPE for the Nifty for those curious:

Interesting add-on reads –

Comparison of safe withdrawal rates in other countries – mentions that India should be around 3.38-3.5%. This doesn't take CAPE into account though.

One of the foremost researchers on early retirement – Wade Pfau – comments here on the India situation:

While there is no decent study for India and simply not long enough time period to do anything so detailed – perhaps a 2.25%-2.75% withdrawal rate seems a best guess as to safe enough rate – 3.25% for US and an additional buffer for Indian markets keeping in mind our potential volatility and inflation. Your thoughts?

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