AIADMK mouthpiece attacks Rajinikanth for condemning protest against Sarkar

The ruling AIADMK has strongly criticised superstar Rajinikanth for questioning the protest against actor Vijay's Sarkar movie which was certified by the censor board.

The makers of Sarkar edited out three scenes from the movie under pressure from the ruling AIADMK whose cadres hit the streets seeking removal of certain scenes that depicted late chief minister J Jayalalithaa and schemes implemented by her in the bad light.

"Top star, give a frank response. If you find a lizard inside a packed food product that has all certifications, will you throw it away or consume it saying it has the required certifications," a write-up in AIADMK mouthpiece "Namathu Puratchi Thalaivi Amma" asked Rajinikanth for his statement on how demands for removal of scenes from a film certified by the censor board could be made.

Even if a "misinformation" in a film passed the censor test, it "has to be stopped", it said in an apparent defence of the protests against the scenes and the demand for their removal. It asked the veteran star to "advise" the film's director, AR Murugadoss, and not defend "a mistake" by showing the censor certificate.

The AIADMK was up in arms against "Sarkar" with senior ministers demanding deletion of the scenes reportedly showing mixer-grinders being burnt, seen as an obvious reference to a freebie scheme involving the object. The ruling party also took exception to a purported negative character played by a woman carrying the original name of Jayalalithaa.

Strongly defending the freebies, the party mouthpiece equated it to the reservation system. "The freebies are like the reservation system that was brought to bridge the poor-rich divide," it said.

Further, taking on actor Vijay, Murugadoss and Sun Pictures' Maran Brothers, it said these "affluent" people might "look down upon freebies" but the Amma canteens served thousands of aspiring filmmakers in the tinsel town.

Taking a swipe at actor Vijay's reported political ambitions, the party said he was "dreaming that he can become the chief minister just by mouthing emotional dialogues against the government".

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Sun, 11 Nov 2018-05:45am
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Sunday, 11 November 2018 – 5:45am
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