BJP MP receives fake call seeking bank details

[India], Nov 11 (ANI): A case of fraud and cheating has come to light in Meerut where Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) Rajendra Agarwal received a call from an unknown person posing as a State Bank of India’s (SBI) employee.

On Thursday evening, Rajendra Agarwal received a phone call at around 4:15 pm from a person claiming to be a State Bank of India’s Parliament Branch employee from where the BJP MP’s salary is credited.

The caller asked for the account number and the number written on ATM card, but Agarwal refused to give any detail. In reply, Agarwal asked him a few questions but he disconnected the call.

“I’m reporting this as I don’t want the public to fall into such traps,” Agarwal said.

Superintendent of Police, Meerut, Ranvijay Singh said that the caller introduced himself as Rahul Sharma, an employee of SBI located in the Parliament, and asked the MP for his bank details. The duration of the talk was about four minutes and 55 seconds.

“A caller asked the Meerut MP details of his bank accounts, Aadhaar card etc. Frauds are committed through such fake calls. We searched for the number. The call probably came from Bihar or West Bengal side,” he added.

A complaint has been registered and the case has been referred to Cyber Crime Investigation Cell. (ANI)



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