I was humiliated, thrashed and abused for nothing: Man beaten by cops on Diwali night

After a 35-year-old resident of Mulund sustained burns on her body due to a policeman at Marine Drive, allegedly kicking a glowing catherine wheel or chakri towards her, one of the relatives of victim Aarti Bhanushali, 35, have alleged that the cops did not provide immediate medical aide and instead were busy thrashing other family members and trying to frame a false case against them. He further alleged that the police has not yet bothered to record their statements.

Kamlesh Bhanushali (42), the relative who was first allegedly detained and then thrashed by a senior police officer, said, after Aarti's nylon outfit caught fire, he had no other option but to tear apart her clothes to douse the flames. According to Kamlesh, the cops present at Marine Drive first misbehaved with his family members. When Aarti's condition became serious, they did not bother to call for medical help but were instead trying to frame a false case of disobedience of court's rule against them.

"A total 15 people, including three children, from our family was present at the spot. After the incident, all our mobile phones were seized and we had no update on where was Aarti being taken and the status of her condition. Children and women were pushed aside by the police and after reaching the police station, I was not given the right ointment to apply on my bruised hand. I was heavily abused by the cops and one of the senior cops came at midnight and ordered an officer to get a belt and thrash me on my back and on my hands. I was hit twice on my back. Later, I came to know that Aarti was admitted in the ICU at Masina hospital in Byculla," Kamlesh said.

"My family had no intention of violating rules and we were actually wrapping up things before 10 pm to go for dinner. Some miscommunication led to this incident and I was forced to sit at the police station until 4 am. A senior police officer taking such steps against a common man is disgraceful and disappointing. Seeing my wife and children beg of the cops to release was even more painful. We will explore possible options and may reach to other senior officers so that the police force learns some decency and discipline," Kamlesh further added.

Speaking on the matter, Additional Commissioner of Police (south region) said ,"As of now the police is making no enquiry in the matter and neither we have received any official complaint regarding the same. The cops present there were trying to ensure that people don't violate the guidelines but obviously when someone tries to enforce guidelines no one likes it. "


Kamlesh Bhanushali, relative of Aarti Bhanushali, said, he was first detained and then thrashed by a senior police officer 

Kamlesh alleged, when the lit firecracker made Aarti’s condition worse, the police did not arrange for any medical aid

Kamlesh further alleged that instead of providing help, the cops were trying to frame them over disobedience of SC regulations

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Sun, 11 Nov 2018-06:00am
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Sunday, 11 November 2018 – 6:00am
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Kamlesh Bhanushali
Kamlesh Bhanushali
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