Need to rein in unbridled state power, says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday indicated concerns over unbridled state power and the need to rein it before it does any harm to the constitutional framework.

"State has a power, nobody can deny that. It is needed. But because the state has the power you need to have control over it. The state's power is controlled by the Constitution but there is no guarantee that the state will abide by the Constitution. For that, you need an aware public opinion and public organisations who represent that public opinion."

"That is why public organisations should never be subservient the state power. They should keep away from the politics of state power. They cannot be the organisations of political parties," said Bhagwat at a function organised to mark the 99th birth anniversary of RSS ideologue and founder of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Dattopant Thengadi.

Whether Bhagwat said this in the context of recent controversies arising out in the case of the ongoing tussle between constitutional and autonomous bodies like the Supreme Court, RBI and CVC or India's relaxed attitude in international trade bodies can be anybody's guess. However, RSS is known to have an independent mind that is capable of conveying its concerns strongly to the government.

Indicating that time has come to initiate the next change towards Swadeshi, the long-cherished idea of Thengadi, Bhagwat admitted that the state power, because of its character as a system, will never go for this change.

"There are people within the government who want this change. But such is the arrangement of state power that it does not allow them much room," said Bhagwat asserting that change would occur only if public organisations keep on track in the long haul.

Bhagwat kept away from controversial issues like Ram Mandir and instead concentrated on how the RSS and other affiliated organisations should play the role to rein in the state power and channelise it in the right direction without getting entangled in greed for power.


Whether Bhagwat speak is in context of recent controversies involving constitutional and autonomous bodies like the Supreme Court, RBI and CVC or India’s relaxed attitude in international trade bodies can be anybody’s guess. 
However, RSS is known for independent stand and capability of conveying its concerns strongly to the govt.

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Sun, 11 Nov 2018-05:40am
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Sunday, 11 November 2018 – 5:40am
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Mohan Bhagwat
Mohan Bhagwat at RSS headquarters in Nagpur on Saturday
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