Sachin Tendulkar checks into wildlife park in Pali to celebrate wife Anjali’s birthday

Cricket icon Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar seems to be in awe of the desert state. Tendulkar checked into a super-luxury hotel in the Jawai Dam area in Pali district, adjoining Jodhpur, where he celebrated his wife Anjali's birthday.

"The cricket star had arrived with his son Arjun and daughter Sara at the 7-star hotel which is located just a furlong from the Jawai Dam area known for its leopard population," a source said.

According to sources, the Tendulkars had booked more than a dozen rooms at the hotel. They were accompanied by 30 friends who had arrived over the weekend to participate in the birthday bash. The Jawai Dam is located in the foothills of the Aravali range on the river Luni that feeds water to the western districts of Rajasthan.

The family and their friends took jeeps to the wildlife park for safari during the daytime. Some of them even got down to witness the leopards at home in the mountain range, said sources.

The Tendulkars had arrived at the hotel last evening. "They stayed the evening at the hotel and did not venture out," a forest official said. They roamed the surroundings of the hotel on foot towards late evening on Friday.

Leopards abound in the Jawai Dam area surrounded by hills on all sides. A large number of tourists arrive here every year to see the leopards in their natural surroundings. After almost two hours of drive and trek on Saturday, the visitors could spot an entire family of leopards basking under the noon sun, together. "Sachin photographed the panther's family when the sighting happened," he added.

In the evening, Sachin and friends celebrated his wife Anjali's birthday party at the hotel.

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Sun, 11 Nov 2018-05:45am
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Sunday, 11 November 2018 – 5:45am
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Sachin Tendulkar on leopard safari
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