Stress on mutual consent: Rajasthan Congress to submit single name for maximum seats

Amid rush of ticket aspirants, Rajasthan Pradesh Congress committe chief Sachin Pilot has suggested single name panel on maximum seats. He expressed the desire for developing mutual consent for the purpose before screening committee meeting in Delhi. The committee is to suggest panel of aspirants to party high command for final approval and meeting on Saturday came as a final discussion before the release of first list. 

“We wish to suggest single name of candidate on maximum seats through mutual consent,” Pilot told media before entering the meeting.

Filing of nomination papers for assembly elections opens on Monday and the committee is thus unlikely to take any hasty decision. Yet a strong number of ticket aspirants from Rajasthan were present outside party’s election war room 15 GRG, New Delhi on Saturday as screening committee met inside.

Party state president shrugged off questions of discontent on ticket probables on several seats. “Congress is going to sweep the assemby elections, people of the state have expressed their desire,” said Pilot. The enthusiasm though has come as concern for the party as it received dozens of applications on majority of seats. After long drawn process the screening committee has shortlisted the overwhelmingly applications in a panel of three for most seats while they were able to reach near consensus over single name on around 80 of the total 200 assembly seats. 

It has only been deserving ones to have passed through rounds of screening and discontent remains in anticipation. The Saturday meet of the committee thus also assessed the damage control. As the meeting continued 
for hours several leaders from state were called inside while there were also protest voice being raised against few of the probable candidates.


After seven-hour-long of marathon meeting in New Delhi, the Congress screening committee for Rajasthan has reportedly zeroed in on potential candidates on 140 seats. On most of these names consensus have been reached between the committee members on a single candidate, however, there are 40 seats that are considered to be ‘sensitive’ in terms of internal differences and a final decision on them will be made by the central election committee of the party.

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Sun, 11 Nov 2018-05:40am
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Sunday, 11 November 2018 – 5:40am
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