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Ignore Yellow Vests! Stubborn Macron urged to CONTINUE controversial finance reform

FRANCE’S Court of Auditors has called on President Emmanuel Macron to not end his campaign to clean up the country’s public finances, despite the costly, anti-government yellow vest protest movement.

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Man charged with stealing £5.6m crown jewels from Sweden’s Royal Family

A MAN has been charged after the Sweden Royal Family’s crown jewels were stolen.

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Norway terror attack: Female shopper knifed in busy Oslo supermarket – police swoop

NORWAY police are investigating a suspected terror attack after a woman was attacked with a knife in a supermarket in Oslo.

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World War 3: Trump’s missile defence expansion is DIRECT response to Russia THREAT

DONALD TRUMP’S missile defence expansion is in direct response to Russia’s military threat and was prompted by President Vladimir Putin’s military exercises last year, national security analyst Walid Phares has warned.

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Yellowstone FEARS: Researcher’s eruption warning to Canada revealed

A YELLOWSTONE volcano eruption would be “catastrophic” for parts of Canada as well as the US, a researcher has warned. 

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Tokyo earthquake: ‘Crazy’ quake rattles Japan’s capital – Ring of Fire on alert

TOKYO has been rattled by a strong earthquake, with residents reporting shaking in the Japanese capital.

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Russian Su-34 fighter pilots in dramatic RESCUE after mid-air CRASH over Sea of Japan

TWO Russian fighter-bomber jets have crashed over the Sea of Japan during a training exercise, with pilots from a downed aircraft rescued from the sea in ‘satisfactory’ condition following the mid-air collision.

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SAS hero who raced into Kenyan hotel during terror atrocity to ‘receive George Cross’

THE SAS hero who sprang into action during the Nairobi hotel terror attack is set to receive the George Cross, sources have claimed.

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EU SHOCK CLAIM: Brexiteer suggests Brussels ‘KILLED’ people when promoting diesel cars

THE REAL reason the EU introduced rules to promote diesel cars in the 1990s was because it suited their commercial self-interest and, as a direct consequence of that change, Europeans have died, Douglas Carswell claimed in his bombshell book.

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MACRON CRISIS: Furious protestors CLASH with police ahead of summit – President on ropes

FURIOUS French protestors are facing off against police in Souillac, where Emmanuel Macron will meet hundreds of the country’s mayors.

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Donald Trump turns to Star Wars in a new era of US defence

PRESIDENT Trump yesterday hailed a “new era” in missile defence as he rolled out ambitious plans for a “Star Wars” programme of space weapons.

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EU TRADE WAR: France and Germany says Brussels has exposed itself to huge CHINA THREAT

BRUSSELS’ competition chief has urged European Union colleagues to bulk up defences against the growing threat of Chinese state-owned businesses to the Continent.

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TENERIFE EARTHQUAKE: Atlantic smashed by 4.2 magnitude quake near La Palma volcano

AN EARTHQUAKE measuring 4.2 magnitude in the Atlantic between Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the early hours of today. 

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EU CIVIL WAR: Brussels freezes cash in ‘rogue state’ CRACKDOWN – Hungary furious

HUNGARY has hit out at the European Union over a controversial decision from Brussels to cut funds to member states who bloc chiefs say do not uphold the rule of law.

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World War 3: US missile defence deemed ‘THREAT’ to global nuclear deterrence – watchdog

A US watchdog slammed the country’s annual ‘missile defence’ review as a ‘threat’ to ongoing attempts to uphold global nuclear deterrence and demanded Donald Trump abandon ‘destabilising’ policies to work on stability with Russia and China – and end plans to create a ‘space based’ missile system.

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MEGA shark spotted in JAWS-DROPPING footage – ‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat!’

A MEGA shark, thought to be the “biggest ever”, has been filmed in jaw-dropping footage swimming in waters near Hawaii.

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Trump unveils ‘STAR WARS’ missile defence push declaring space is new WAR ARENA

DONALD Trump unveiled plans for a brand new “space-based” missile defence system yesterday, declaring that space is the new arena for war.

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Melania Trump flies on Air Force One while President SNUBS Pelosi – ‘Fly over WAR ZONE!’

US PRESIDENT Trump has postponed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s military aircraft for her upcoming trips while Melania has jetted off to Mar-a-Lago on Airforce One.

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BREAKING: Woman dead and another wounded in Texas church shooting – suspect AT LARGE

A WOMAN was killed and another victim injured when a shooter opened fire at a church yesterday in Cypress, Texas, police have confirmed.

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BREAKING: North Korean official ARRIVES in Washington for talks with Trump’s White House

A TOP North Korea official has arrived in Washington for summit talks between the two countries.

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BREAKING: Donald Trump CANCELS World Economic Forum trip because of government shutdown

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has cancelled his delegation’s trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, next week.

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North Korea SHOWDOWN as Kim Jong-un sends envoy to Washington

NORTH Korea despot Kim Jong-un has shipped an envoy off to the US to pave the way for a showdown between the leader and President Donald Trump.

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Yellowstone volcano SHOCK: Steamboat geyser saw RECORD number of eruptions in 2018

YELLOWSTONE volcano’s biggest geyser erupted more times in 2018 than any other year on record, new figures have revealed.

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Taos avalanche: Skiiers buried at US ski slope – desperate rescue attempt underway

AN AVALANCHE has buried skiers in Taos triggering a search and rescue operation in the New Mexico resort.

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Hantavirus kills 12: Argentina PANIC as 12 killed by rodent disease – ‘Very serious’

ARGENTINA is on lockdown after a deadly virus typically found in rodents has spread to humans, killing 12.

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Michael Schumacher latest: Manager reveals F1 star was ‘COMPLETELY different’ in private

MICHAEL Schumacher had a completely different personality in his private life compared to the public image presented throughout his Formula One career, his former manager and close family friend has said.

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Hitler’s wife Eva Braun NEVER had sex due to rare condition, evidence suggests

HITLER’S wife, Eva Braun, had a rare condition that meant she never had sex in her life – even with the Nazi leader – evidence suggests.

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Colombia explosion: Car bomb erupts at police academy – several dead

A CAR bomb has erupted at a police academy in Bogota, Colombia, leaving several dead.

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World War 3: CIA insider reveals China’s ‘CHECKMATE’ move to crush US

CHINA is aware of two things the US is “dependent on” should military action break out and has the ability to neutralise both, a former CIA head has revealed.

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GERMANY CAVES: Berlin will do ‘EVERYTHING IT CAN’ to avoid no-deal Brexit – minister

GERMANY will do “everything we can” to make sure the UK leaves the European Union with a deal, the country’s foreign minister Heiko Maas said.

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