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Illegal immigrant found not guilty in Kate Steinle’s killing wants gun conviction dropped

The undocumented immigrant who was found not guilty in November 2017 for the 2015 fatal shooting of a woman on the San Francisco pier, but convicted for illegally possessing a weapon, has appealed the conviction, arguing that he had obtained and fired the gun by accident and “momentary possession” of a gun is not a crime.  

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Councilmember beat husband over head with broomstick, cookbook — with kids present, police say

A local politician in New Jersey has been charged with beating her husband over the head with a broomstick and a cookbook and biting him on one of his arms, according to police.

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Most voters back Ocasio-Cortez plan to tax richest Americans up to 70 percent: poll

A majority of voters support a proposal floated by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to dramatically increase the highest tax rate on the wealthiest Americans to as high as 70 percent.

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Murder victim’s family awarded nearly $500M in wrongful death case

A jury on Tuesday awarded more than $495 million in damages to the family of a 20-year-old Florida woman who was murdered in 2011.

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Austin FC to become Major League Soccer’s 27th team in 2021

Austin FC has won approval to become Major League Soccer’s 27th team in 2021. Don Garber, the league’s commissioner, made the announcement Tuesday at a downtown Austin music venue.

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Designer of 3-D-printed guns asks federal judge to reject New Jersey law

The Texas-based 3D printed gun company that set off a national debate over the publication of instructions to make 3D-printed guns is asking a federal judge in Austin to reject a New Jersey law so it can resume doing business in the state.

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Security camera captured image of deceased son’s spirit, Atlanta mother says

A grieving Atlanta mother said a spirit that looked like her deceased son was captured in her home’s security camera, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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HP says it won’t allow its 3-D printers to create ‘ghost guns’

HP Inc. said it won’t allow users of its 3-D printers to produce guns unless done so by firearms manufacturers and the weapons can be detected by airport security.

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Paris Jackson seeking treatment for emotional health: report

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has reportedly checked in to a treatment facility for her emotional health.

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Good Samaritan has truck stolen by crash victim he was trying to help, police say

A Good Samaritan in Volusia County, Fla., jumped into action late Monday to help the victims of a fiery highway crash – but was punished for his good deed when one of the victims stole his truck and sped away, authorities said.

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Ocasio-Cortez set to join Maxine Waters on key financial services committee

Self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and progressive firebrand Rashida Tlaib are among the freshman representatives slated to join California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters on the influential House Financial Services Committee, according to several individuals familiar with the matter.

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Jason Reitman to direct sequel to original ‘Ghostbusters’ films

Ivan Reitman is passing the Ghostbusters torch to his son.

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Maryland coast rattled by 4.7-magnitude earthquake: USGS

A 4.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Maryland Tuesday evening, officials said.

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If Democrats oppose Barr, they’ll oppose anyone Trump nominates — He deserves bipartisan support

If Senate Democrats still decide to oppose William Barr to be our next Attorney General, it means one thing: they will oppose anyone President Trump nominates.

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New York legislators vote to ban gay conversion therapy, add gender identity to state anti-discrimination laws

New York legislators have voted to ban gay conversion therapy and add gender identity to the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

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Florida woman allegedly killed by son-in-law who ‘blamed’ her for marriage problems: authorities

A Florida woman, who was fatally shot on Monday, was “blamed” by her son-in-law for problems in his marriage, according to authorities.

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Super Bowl LIII planners in Atlanta: This shutdown means ‘uncharted territory’

A day after travelers waited nearly 90 minutes in snail-speed security lines at the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s mayor is concerned about the waits that could result when the city hosts the 2019 Super Bowl.

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Chrissy Teigen talks reacting to social media trolls, fighting with husband John Legend: ‘I get very loud’

Chrissy Teigen opened up about what irks her on social media, and how she and husband John Legend get through their disagreements.

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Texas mother missing after watching movie at co-worker’s home, police say

Police in Texas are searching for a mother who they say disappeared earlier this month after leaving a co-worker’s house in Ennis.

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Beto O’Rourke mocked after offering few answers in wide-ranging policy interview

Former Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke faced across-the-board criticism on Tuesday after an unflattering interview in The Washington Post portrayed him as equivocal and unsure on a variety of substantive policy issues.

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Gutfeld on the new Gillette ad

Gillette, a company supported by men for over a century, debuted a new ad crapping all over those very same men.

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Judge orders Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes to answer written Benghazi questions in Clinton email lawsuit

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that former national security adviser Susan Rice and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes must answer written questions about the State Department’s response to the deadly 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya as part of an ongoing legal battle over whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to deliberately evade public record laws by using a private email server to conduct her correspondence.

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Todd Starnes: Does Gillette want men to start shaving their legs, too?

The makers of the Gillette razor have a message for the men who use their products: you are horrible, horrible people.

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Kansas man sues for refund of church school donation after founder arrested for allegedly touching children: report

A man who donated a hefty sum to a church school in Kansas is suing to get his money back after one of its founders was charged for allegedly touching children.

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Kansas man sues for refund of church school donation after founder arrested for touching children: report

A man who donated a hefty sum to a church school in Kansas is suing to get his money back after one of its founders was charged for allegedly touching children.

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Texas woman fatally shoots boyfriend while posing for Snapchat photo, police say

A Texas woman was arrested this week after police say she allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend last month while posing for a Snapchat.

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