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Republicans swallowed the bait whole on Trump’s terrorists-in-the-caravan innuendo

A new poll shows half of Republicans believe there are terrorists in the caravan. There is no evidence of this and plenty of reason to doubt it.

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Sixteen dissident Democrats release letter opposing Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s bid for House speaker

The group has argued that Democrats need new leadership as the party is poised to control the House in January. Its pledge to oppose Pelosi both in an internal caucus election and a Jan. 3 floor vote, delivered in a letter sent to Democratic colleagues, comes as Pelosi has marshaled a legion of supporters on […]

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Rep. DeGette drops bid for No. 3 job in House leadership

The Colorado Democrat had challenged Rep. Clyburn, the highest-ranking African American in House leadership.

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Senate Democrats sue to block Trump’s acting attorney general Matt Whitaker

“Installing Matthew Whitaker so flagrantly defies constitutional law that any viewer of School House Rock would recognize it,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal said in a statement.

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Trump says he knows why Republicans lost: ‘I wasn’t on the ballot’

“I am on the ticket,” President Trump told a crowd in Southaven, Miss., in October.

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Trump says ‘of course’ the U.S. should have caught bin Laden sooner

The president also lashed out at Pakistan and suggested in a tweet that he had warned of the al-Qaeda leader in his book before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

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With 2020 looming, Trump and his allies keep hinting that Florida’s process is suspect

Trump wins another close victory — and again claims without evidence that it was tainted with fraud.

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3 takeaways from Trump’s testy Fox News interview

The president tries hard to doubt inconvenient things — but also makes up convenient things.

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Beto O’Rourke should run for president in 2020, Rep.-elect Veronica Escobar says

Escobar, who is succeeding O’Rourke in the House, said her fellow Texas Democrat is the kind of public servant “that our country has been longing for.”

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The Daily 202: Trump’s pattern of insulting war heroes continues with commander of bin Laden raid

The president’s criticism of Bill McRaven is off base.

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The Energy 202: The ex-lobbyist at Interior who carries a small card with all his potential conflicts of interest

Meet David Bernhardt.

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The Health 202: Express Scripts takes on rebates in plan it says will lower drug prices

The new plan could help some patients pay less at the pharmacy counter.

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It’s World Toilet Day. Why do so many people lack adequate sanitation facilities?

Improving global sanitation will take more than just additional toilets.

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The Cybersecurity 202: A Nielsen exit could leave void as DHS gains new cybersecurity authority

Observers praised the secretary’s work on the midterms.

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What’s the strategy of Russia’s Internet trolls? We analyzed their tweets to find out.

The Internet Research Agency posed as local news outlets and spread outrage more than fake news.

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Connolly plans defense of federal employees as incoming subcommittee chair

The Virginia Democrat promised “a very different approach” than that of Republicans: “Federal employees need to be respected and their rights in the workplace upheld and strengthened.”

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Eight white-majority districts elected black members of Congress this year. That’s a breakthrough.

Party loyalty has started to trump race — in some regions.

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From dire warnings to happy talk: Trump changes his tune after the midterms

The president has abruptly abandoned incendiary issues that advisers acknowledge he used as part of a Hail Mary effort to bolster Republicans in the elections.

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‘He’s evolving’: Once a sunny conservative, Rubio goes all-in on Trumpism

The days since the Nov. 6 midterms have cemented the Florida senator’s status as a critic turned defender of the president.

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Power Up: ‘My military’? Trump has yet to visit U.S. troops in a combat zone

Thanksgiving would be a traditional time to do so.

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‘Takes all of the oxygen out’: Trump further divides political map for 2020

Final results from midterm elections show how the president’s near-constant campaign presence made politics more tribal, effectively erasing lighter shades of red and blue.

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President Trump’s crowd-size estimates: Increasingly unbelievable

The president loves to inflate his crowd sizes, sometimes adding tens of thousands of people to the count. But the reality is much, much lower.

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Trump says he won’t listen to Khashoggi ‘suffering tape’

Despite the conclusions of the CIA, the president also indicated he believes claims by the Saudi crown prince that he had nothing to do with the journalist’s killing.

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The Trailer: The Trailer: The voting wars aren’t over. They’re just beginning.

In this edition: The voting wars of 2018 are rolling into the voting wars of 2020, as both parties prepare to play hardball from their differing camps. And as Republicans wash into the sea in Orange County, focus turns to 2020 states like New Hampshire, where a new landscape awaits the 2020 candidates. Meantime, another threat to Democratic unity?

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Trump says he wouldn’t stop acting attorney general from curtailing Mueller inquiry

The president also mocked a House Democrat who criticized the acting attorney general, deriding the lawmaker, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), as “little Adam Schitt” in a tweet.

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In a world of blue and red candidates, some voters chose one of each

Even in this hyperpartisan era, many voters ended up on both sides in the midterm elections, voting for Democrats and Republicans in different races.

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Democrat Bill Nelson concedes to Rick Scott in Florida race for Senate

The three-term senator acknowledged defeat after coming up some 10,000 votes short in a recount, giving the Republican governor a victory and increasing the GOP’s majority for next year.

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Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) has conceded to Republican Rick Scott after an acrimonious recount

Florida officials concluded a hand recount Sunday that showed Scott leading Nelson by just over 10,000 votes out of more than 8 million cast. Shortly thereafter, Nelson called Scott to concede. Nelson, who was first elected to the Senate in 2000, has scheduled a news conference for 3 p.m. Eastern. Scott, Florida’s governor, has been […]

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