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Record 32,000 badgers shot in annual cull

Scientists accuse officials of cherry-picking data to defend disease-control scheme

More than 32,000 badgers were killed in England this autumn during the annual cull, which is intended to reduce tuberculosis in cattle.

Government officials claimed the culls were effective and starting to reduce prevalence of the disease in cows. But independent scientists said the officials were cherry-picking data and making up targets as they went along.

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Solar households expected to give away power to energy firms

Government confirms anyone who adds solar from April 2019 will not be paid for excess electricity exported to grid

The government has said households that install solar panels in the future will be expected to give away unused clean power for free to energy firms earning multimillion-pound profits, provoking outrage from green campaigners.

The mayor of London, big energy firms and environmentalists had urged ministers not to end the “export tariff” for solar panels under the feed-in tariff scheme, which is closing next year.

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Ministers order full implementation of no-deal Brexit plans

Cabinet agrees to ‘ramp up’ planning with all departments expected to make it a priority

All government departments must fully implement their emergency no-deal Brexit contingency plans, cabinet ministers have agreed.

No 10 confirmed on Tuesday that cabinet ministers had agreed to “ramp up” no-deal planning, and that the departments would be expected to make it their main priority.

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Tottenham fan fined for hurling banana skin at black Arsenal player

Fining him £500, magistrate says Averof Panteli’s ‘targeted gesture’ had ‘racial element’

A Tottenham fan has been fined after throwing a banana skin at a black Arsenal footballer in a “targeted gesture” that had a “racial element”.

Averof Panteli admitted hurling the item on to the pitch at the Emirates Stadium after the Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored against his side and celebrated in front of Spurs’ travelling support earlier this month.

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Trump wishes Michael Flynn ‘good luck’ before sentencing for lying to FBI

  • Flynn struck plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller
  • Trump: ‘Will be interesting to see what he has to say’

Donald Trump has wished Michael Flynn, his first national security secretary, “good luck” just hours before Flynn is due to be sentenced for lying to federal investigators about his conversations with a Russian ambassador.

Related: Michael Flynn associate charged with illegal lobbying for Turkey

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John Lewis sales rebound as it cuts clothing prices

Chain bucks retail gloom after profit warnings at Asos, Bonmarché and Superdry

John Lewis has bucked the recent trend for gloomy retail trading updates, reporting a bounce back in sales last week as discounting on fashion brought shoppers back into stores.

The department store group, which is owned by its staff, said sales in its fashion department, which includes beauty, were up 9.3% in the week to 15 December compared with the same period last year.

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Tate Britain to celebrate 60 years of work by female artists

Show will reflect the critical role of women in history of British art over last six decades

Tate Britain is to tell the story of British art over the last 60 years through the works of female artists including Bridget Riley, Rachel Whiteread and Monster Chetwynd.

On Tuesday the gallery announced plans for a free temporary display titled Sixty Years that will open in April 2019 and bring together about 60 works from the Tate collection including paintings, sculpture, photography, drawing and film.

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Guardian charity appeal helped ‘restore our faith in humanity’

Last year’s recipients say record £1.6m raised by readers helped people facing destitution find accommodation, food and comfort

  • You can donate to this year’s appeal here

The Guardian and Observer charity appeal last Christmas, to which readers donated a remarkable £1.6m, focused on three organisations tackling destitution: Naccom, Centrepoint and Depaul UK. Centrepoint and Depaul work to alleviate youth homelessness, while Naccom supports destitute asylum seekers and refugees. A year on, what difference did readers’ generosity make?

Related: Guardian and Observer appeal 2018: our chosen charities

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Stolen thunder: Keira Knightley’s Colette champions overlooked female writers

Films such as Colette and The Wife are eager to tell the stories of female authors whose husbands took credit for their work – and it’s a battle that still isn’t won

There is a Punch cartoon that depicts a business meeting in which the lone woman at the table is sharing an idea. Her boss responds: “That’s an excellent suggestion, Mrs Triggs. Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it.”

Watching Colette, this joke kept popping into my head. Starring Keira Knightley, the film tells the story of French author Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette in the years following her marriage to “Willy,” a literary celebrity 15 years her senior. When Willy’s Claudine novels take Paris by storm, he indulges in toasts and parties, gathering up young women to dance the can-can on restaurant tables. The only issue is that the books are, in fact, written by Colette.

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Ivan Rogers’ Brexit bombshell, digested | Martha Gill

The lecture by the former UK ambassador to the EU was full of home truths about the failure of our political class

When Britain’s ambassador to the EU quit in 2017, he urged staff to fight “ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking” in government. This week, seeing that there is still quite a bit of this about, Ivan Rogers delivered a speech in Liverpool on “the nine lessons of Brexit”, which has rather neatly summarised the flaws, dishonesty and confusion that have characterised Britain’s approach to the negotiations. The speech will make uncomfortable reading for both Theresa May, her cabinet and her political opponents, and can be read in full here. At more than 10,000 words, however, it’s longer than your average policy brief. For them, and for you, here are Rogers’ key points, in digested form.

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Brexit putting thousands of ski resort jobs at risk for British workers

Businesses won’t be able to hire British staff on seasonal contracts if UK crashes out of EU

Brexit has put up to 25,000 British seasonal jobs in ski resorts and summer activity holidays at risk, with businesses saying they are facing an “existential crisis” because they won’t be able to hire British staff after March if the UK crashes out of the EU.

A British entrepreneur has told how he has sold his two largest venues, Jack’s Bar and the Evolution restaurant in the French Alps resort of Meribel, because of fears over a cliff-edge Brexit. They were prominent spots on the apres-ski social scene with a combined turnover of £1.5m a year.

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People in Pompeii ‘to flee to Sardinia by boat’ in event of Vesuvius eruption

Plan to ferry people to Sardinia drawn up 2,000 years after notorious eruption and amid increasing seismic activity

Almost 2,000 years after the most notorious volcanic eruption in human history, authorities in Pompeii have discussed a new evacuation plan in case Mount Vesuvius erupts again.

Under the plan, which was discussed after a recent increase in seismic activity, people living in and around the town on the Italian coast would be evacuated to Sardinia by boat.

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EU leaders worried by prospect of UK preparing properly for no deal, claims Duncan Smith – Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May chairing cabinet where ministers are discussing planning for a no-deal Brexit

More from Steven Swinford, who has had an early cabinet read-out.

There was widespread agreement around stepping up no deal planning.

Several ministers pushed for it to become ‘central planning assumption’, although not clear if there was consensus on this.

Liz Truss said there should be daily no-deal Cobra meetings in NY to get UK ready.


p class=”block-time published-time”>

Cabinet is now over. This is from the Telegraph’s Steven Swinford.

They’re out of Cabinet.

Early suggestions that ministers turned on Amber Rudd & others over indicative vote.

Jeremy Hunt, Andrea Leadsom, Liz Truss said to be particularly vocal in opposition. PM also opposed.

One source said that the idea of indicative votes was ‘squashed’.

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David Schwimmer lookalike fails to attend court on theft charge

Blackpool judge issues arrest warrant for Abdulah Husseni, who resembles Friends actor

A suspected thief whose image went viral because he resembles the Friends actor David Schwimmer has absconded from court.

A district judge in Blackpool issued a warrant for the arrest of Abdulah Husseni on Tuesday after he failed to answer his court summons on charges of theft and fraud.

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UK couple who named baby after Hitler jailed for terror group membership

Birmingham crown court judge jails Adam Thomas for six-and-a-half years and Claudia Patatas for five years

A neo-Nazi couple, Adam Thomas and Claudia Patatas, who named their baby son after Hitler, have been sentenced at Birmingham crown court to six-and-a-half years and five years in prison respectively, for membership of a terrorist group.

More details soon…

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Belgian queen’s make up artist ‘quizzed over Luxembourg crown jewels theft’

Person named only as JV said to have spent full day helping police investigating theft

A makeup artist to the Belgian queen has reportedly been questioned by police over the theft of crown jewels belonging to the royal family of neighbouring Luxembourg.

On the direction of a court in Luxembourg, the Belgian, named only as JV, is said to have spent a full day helping police investigating the theft from a royal palace.

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Why aren’t we outraged by child poverty in Britain and the US? | Mary O’Hara

It is not normal that millions of children are living in poverty in two of the world’s wealthiest countries. It’s a political choice

At the end of 2018 millions of children are trapped in poverty in rich nations like Britain and the US. We should call it what it is: a crisis. How can it be that there is no public outcry despite the regular headlines showing just how many children live in families that can barely scrape by? Where are the mass protests about child poverty, or have we really become so desensitised by the juggernaut of Tory austerity in Britain, and to relentless attacks on welfare in the US, that we are no longer shocked by the desperation of these youngsters and their parents?

Related: Many pupils in England hungry and badly clothed, say teachers

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Almost 700,000 UK homes stuck with slow broadband

Despite better coverage, 2% of customers are unable to use Netflix or YouTube, says Ofcom

Almost 700,000 “forgotten homes” across the UK are unable to get sufficiently fast broadband to meet a typical family’s needs, such as watching Netflix, downloading films and browsing YouTube.

Ofcom, the communications regulator, said 2% of UK homes and offices, about 677,000 properties, could not access broadband speeds of at least 10Mbps.

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What happened next? Could a heatwave happen again in 2019?

As the UK sweltered in six weeks of record-breaking weather, BBC weather presenter Lucy Martin reported on the rising temperatures. She predicts what we can expect to see next year

Reporting the weather during extreme events such as a prolonged heatwave as we had this year is always exciting because everyone turns their attention to the latest forecast. Everybody wants to know what is going to happen next.

From a presenting angle, this summer was fun but challenging. There are only so many ways one can describe “hot and sunny” day after day, so we augmented our reporting with statistics, such as temperature records or how many days somewhere in the UK saw 30C (86F) or above. The BBC’s Weather Watcher community is a big help during spells of repetitive weather. The images we received became increasingly brown as the grass dried out, which really brought to life what we were describing on our weather maps.

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It’s not too late to admit a managed no-deal Brexit is a dangerous fiction | Gaby Hinsliff

Businesses are being told to prepare for something ministers see as only a negotiating tactic. This moral blackmail could spiral out of controlIt’s getting so predictable, you could almost set your watch by it. Whenever this government has run out of other ideas on Brexit, it summons the hoary old ghost of no deal to frighten the children. And so once again this morning, cabinet has been summoned to discuss the merits of what the ardently pro-leave Penny Mordaunt calls a “managed glide path” out of the EU, which as a euphemism for crashing a plane into the side of a mountain beats even Labour’s “jobs-first Brexit”. Someone briefs the Sun that all other government business will be parked, all the better to concentrate on adopting the brace position. The perennially loyal health secretary, Matt Hancock, is wheeled out to insist earnestly that the NHS is prepared for no deal now, which may come as a surprise to anyone working in the NHS, and so should everyone else be.

Related: Brexit: cabinet meets to discuss ramping up plans for no deal

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‘I’ll ask God to intervene’: the Christian volunteers doing police work in Reading – video

As government cuts affect police numbers, Reading is feeling the pinch. With one officer claiming there are ‘very serious jobs, for instance stabbings, that we cannot get to’, Thames Valley police have turned to a group of Christian volunteers to help them police the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights. As well as keeping an eye out for trouble and known criminals, the Street Pastors care for people in no fit state to get home, and even run a taxi service for people too drunk for most drivers to accept

• Filmed in Reading town centre on 28 and 29 September 2018.

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Climber dies after fall on Ben Nevis

Man, 21, airlifted to hospital in Fort William but died from his injuries

A 21-year-old man has died after falling while climbing Ben Nevis.

Emergency services were called to the scene of the fall in the Tower Gully area of the mountain at about 2.25pm on Sunday.

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What happened next? The stars of This Country: ‘Success? I wish that showed up on my bloody bank balance’

They were named the third most influential people in TV this year – ahead of Benedict Cumberbatch and David Attenborough. Sibling duo Charlie and Daisy May Cooper on their stellar year

Baftas, a baby and a big barbel. It has been a good year for the Cooper siblings. The barbel – Barbus barbus, a carp-like freshwater fish – was caught by keen angler Charlie Cooper and weighed 6kg (13lb). He shows me a photo. The baby, a girl named Pip, was had by Charlie’s older sister, Daisy May, with her fiance, and weighed 4.5kg (9lb 2oz).

Baftas weigh about 4kg each; Daisy May and Charlie won the best scripted comedy one for This Country, their satirical BBC mockumentary about (non-) life in a Cotswolds village. And Daisy May picked up another, best female comedy performance. They star in – as well as write – the show, becoming on-screen cousins Kerry and Kurtan Mucklowe.

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The new rules of Christmas dinner: don’t ask for yorkshire puddings and always wear a party hat

There’s no need for open warfare over the turkey – as long as we all respect some basic guidelines about how to choose, prepare and consume the feast

There is an exact moment that Christmas Day tensions peak: 12.56pm. In 2013, Magimix found it was at this point, after an average four-and-a-half hours of cooking, that, as frazzled hosts start to bring the dinner together, once happy homes from Aberdeen to Hastings kick-off like Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. It need not be like this. Not if we all respect some basic rules about how to do Christmas dinner right. Read on and merry Christmas … hopefully.

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Don’t hide your grief from children – it can help bring you closer | Helen Calcutt

Children can have more emotional understanding than we give them credit for, as I discovered when my brother diedThe morning I discovered my brother Matthew had died, there was no hiding it. The shock sent me into a volatile state. I threw the phone against the wall, shattering it, then hurled myself into the front room of the house, banging the doors and walls and weeping, while my daughter sat listening at the top of the stairs. Hours later we were at my parents’ house, where everyone in the family had gathered, and over the next 48 hours, she experienced all the sights and sounds of our collective and profound loss.

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Manchester United sack José Mourinho – live reaction!

So, who should take over? In their statement, the club said: “A new caretaker manager will be appointed until the end of the current season, while the club conducts a thorough recruitment process for a new, full-time manager.” Michael Carrick has taken charge of training today at Carrington but the club are expected to bring in a caretaker manager within the next 48 hours.


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David Squires yesterday…

Don’t sack him before I’ve finished this week’s cartoon. Don’t sack him before I’ve finished this week’s cartoon. Don’t sack him before I’ve finished this week’s cartoon. Don’t sack him before I’ve finished this week’s cartoon. Don’t sack him before I’ve finished this week’s cart


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What stopped you applying to Oxbridge?

Why are high-flying state school pupils less likely to apply to Oxford or Cambridge than their private school peers? We asked some

New research from the Sutton Trust has shown that high-flying pupils from state schools are far less likely to apply to Oxbridge than their peers in the private sector and, if they do apply, are less likely to be successful. We asked talented A-level students what stopped them applying.

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José Mourinho sacked by Manchester United after defeat at Liverpool

• Club and coach split with United 19 points off first place
• Portuguese coach was made manager in May 2016Manchester United have sacked José Mourinho following Sunday’s defeat at Liverpool, ending a tenure that began in May 2016.

A poor start to the Premier League season has seen United slip 19 points behind the leaders, Liverpool, and fall off the pace in the hunt for a top-four place. They have won only once in six league matches, drawing during that sequence with struggling Southampton and Crystal Palace.

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Fresh Prince actor sues Fortnite for use of ‘iconic’ Carlton dance

Alfonso Ribeiro wants to stop the makers of Fortnite and NBA 2K from using the dance he first performed on the 1990s sitcom

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro is suing the creators of Fortnite and NBA 2K for using his famous dance on the popular video games.

In separate lawsuits filed Monday in federal court, Ribeiro alleges that Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, and 2K Sports-creator Take-Two Interactive used his dance, dubbed The Carlton Dance, without permission or credit.

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Sylvia Pankhurst letters reveal concerns about phone-tapping

In 1934 the suffragette lobbied government over case in which solicitor spied on cheating wife

The socialist suffragette and human rights campaigner Sylvia Pankhurst lobbied the British government in the 1930s about eavesdropping on phone conversations, newly unearthed letters reveal.

Pankhurst, who was monitored by MI5 for decades, expressed concern about a case in which a suspicious solicitor had set up a duplicate line so he could listen to and record his wife’s conversations with a lover.

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